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Weekly Priority Notepad

Weekly Priority Notepad

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The ultimate weekly notepad to keep you on task, organized but also make sure life stays simple. Jess' life motto is simplicity over "things", which is why this notepad came to life. Because while she aims to keep life simple, she also knows herself and love for a little organization and schedule ;) This notepad was born with the idea of keeping on schedule and writing things down, but also not overwhelming yourself or overloading your schedule. So you have 4 spots for each day and an extra category for "if you have time". Complete with boxes next to each line because there's something about checking off a task that just feels so rewarding ;)

This pad contains 50 sheets, so almost an entire year's worth of pages. It's lined with a cardboard backing and has easy to peel off sheets! It is 5.5" x 8.5" in size with plenty of space to make sure you can stay organized, life is still simplified and you can get the things done that life throws at you.

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