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The Sunday Family Meeting Note Pad

The Sunday Family Meeting Note Pad

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The perfect notepad to prep for the week and bring your family together so that you're all on the same page. Jess started doing a "Sunday Family Meeting" with her family to help her daughter's anxiety and help her understand what was happening for the week and a full game plan beforehand without any surprises. She quickly realized how well it worked for both that and keeping everyone (aka: the husband - haha) in the loop so she knew she had to create something more permanent! 

This pad contains 50 sheets, so almost an entire year's worth of pages. It's lined with a cardboard backing and has easy to peel off sheets! It is 5.5" x 8.5" in size with plenty of space to make sure you're organized, life is simplified and everyone is on the same page!

The Happening this week spot is perfect for jotting down activities, changes or who is picking up who for the week that might be different from the norm.

Our Challenges and Goals section is a great spot to come together as a family and write down some things you may have struggled with the past week or could have done better, in the challenges. And then create goals off of those for the week to come!

And finally, the fun happenings to look forward to, this might be the same for a few weeks and that's fine, but as you know - fun little reminders of something to look forward to (especially for littles) is a game changer!


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